Working to a self-imposed brief is fun

Sometimes I have wondered if my first idea is my best. Obviously I carry on either way – you have to hand over a couple of good ones to an Art Director. And especially not a version that you’d hate having to work on!

Anyway, having had a good rest this summer, I set myself the task of illustrating the dangers of obsessive internet use by young people, for whom collecting Likes has often taken over from real socialising in person (not always but often).

I came up with four ideas, two of which I quite liked and two that were simply my dogged insistence that I should think further than the initial two. And that’s when it became fun working to my own brief. No stress: I could stop if I wanted! This is what I sketched. I like to add a bit of quick watercolour, nothing too time consuming, but it adds something I seem to need at the thumbnail stage.

rough sketches smartphone

The one I chose to develop was the smartphone mousetrap because it shows the lure and the danger – but I did like my snakes and ladders one too. I think these are the two I would have submitted to an AD – the other two are good ideas but with less in them to hold the reader’s eye. It might depend on which publication they were to appear in, of course. Relevance is all. I imagined professionals in school, hence the notebook paper.

Here is the finished (I think!) illustration. Although I may add a few lookalike app icons on the screen when I’ve drawn them.

danger of collecting likes


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