Starting with the handmade

I really like to do original artwork by hand – maybe sketching or watercolour or acrylics or whatever. I know it’s not on trend really, but this is what I do. The items can always be treated in any fashion in Photoshop afterwards.

But for my recent illustration for “the current reduction in insects being squashed on car windscreens” (what a thought, nicely clean but ecologically worrying!), I assembled rather more than usual – a whole horde of insects in fact. And then I coloured them in fabulous colours because the shapes had to be recognisable but the colours not. These had all been drawn and painted at different times. And of course they needed a good deal of tidying up to be put on the windscreen!

Here are a few of the ones I’ve painted over time, collaged together:

insect group blog

And here is the final illustration – with some repetition and colour changes involved – plus they’re placed in a pseudo graph to indicate the lessening occurrence of mess on the windscreen!

car windscreen

Of course, anything at all can be done with the top image. This is a rather silly example:

insects embossed

Or even the windscreen – this is the “ink outline” filter and it’s picked up the shading on the windscreen itself, which would be a hopeless result!


car windscreen ink outline

But that’s pure post processing – the real fun for me was in the handmade beginnings!

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