Thinking about creativity

There is research out there that shows that either persistence or flexibility will end up producing a creative idea – apparently the danger is picking neither path! Phew, I’m OK then. I usually pester one idea to death till something emerges, or flip from idea to idea till something grabs me. Staying in bed is not the way forward (but I knew that anyway!).

Faced with portraying this general idea as an illustration for a putative article, I decided that children drawing flowers was a point in hand. They do it all the time in Reception.

So – you could either draw lots of different flowers till you got one you liked, or keep drawing the same flower till it was good enough in your eyes. In the research, the participants were forced to be either flexible or persist. Obviously some brains would be better suited to one sort of creativity than another, but they all managed when told which to do.

My problem was small things, like: too busy a background; patterned clothes or plain (to not distract from the flowers); and how to balance the need to have the main image offset. I added the spider for this!

You can see the metamorphosis from start to finish in this composite:

4 creative versions

But I still wonder about giving them fancy clothes!!

creativity task 5a clothes

What do you think??

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