Children’s illustration

girl dog story
All’s well that ends well!


dog and girl flat
Someone will cop it for this!
men in garden screenshot
Finding tiny people in the garden!
caped boy portfolio
Sketchbook character.
Sketchbook characters.
girl in snow
Sketchbook characters.
RB mouse trade screenshot
Clandestine mouse trade
journey boy mono
It was a long journey and further still to go
boy on cannon
Fun to sit on a mounted cannon!
bananas and nuts
Sketchbook characters.
girl and bird
Sharing something!
cliff jumping
Sketchbook characters.
giving flowers
Giving flowers to an elderly neighbour!
boy and mum
Wanting something from Mum!
IG girl in tree
A quiet place to read
breaking up
Breaking up day with the little ones
black girl and bird clean
Little girl feeding/enticing bird!
two fairy tale covers
Covers for two modernised fairy tales
circus in pen screenshot
Some mono work in pen
wc leaf images
Sketchbook characters.
flower treehouse 2
Sketchbook treehouse idea
pen and wash mono


Pen: playing fun


Pen: ringing friends
Pen: fireside sharing


Pen: saying goodbye
Pen: Up, up and up


Biro/ballpoint series: swinging high
biro finals
Biro/ballpoint series: sport
scanned pencil - toddler footie
Biro/ballpoint series: football twins


seesaw child
Ink series: seesaw boy
umbrella girl puddle copy 2
Ink series: umbrella girl
kickboxing child
Ink series: high kicking
off to nursery
Ink series: off to nursery
Final screenshot rhino 3-4
Spread 3-4 from short picture book ‘There’s a rhinoceros in my garden’
rhino sample 2
Spread 7-8 from short picture book ‘There’s a rhinoceros in my garden’
leggy screenshot final
Leggy’s Wild Night story
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 19.50.08
Splat – new illustration for my out-of-print book
Screenshot p26-27 new
Splat – new illustration for my out-of-print book
pen Barney trudging
Bluetooth Mystery: Barney trudging
pen Jak climbing
Bluetooth Mystery: Jack climbs up
kitchen sink container slide
Under the sink
picking flowers
Picking flowers
Row Row Row Your Boat
Row, row, row your boat
Shrub Farm story 8-9
Shrub Farm book p8-9
Shrub farm story 10-11
Shrub Farm book p10-11
forest tortoise peace
Forest tortoise
Watercolour silly animals
Watercolour silly animals
Watercolour frog moon
Frog moon

One Comment

  1. These illustrations do exactly what they are designed for. You have a vivid imagination Ellie.


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