Children’s illustration


Full spread for a picture book – The White Cat fairy tale
Full picture book spread
goats and moles screenshot
Full picture book spread
lantern people forest screenshot
Single page picture book image
magic forest colour
Full picture book spread
school spread v2 col
Full picture book spread
things wc sketches
Simplified watercolour ‘things’
Lettie all day
“Lettie all day” sketchbook studies
opening the box
Mixed media teens – doing what teens do!
girl in tree monotone blue
Digital patchwork with a hand-drawn girl superimposed
Peeling it back to find a party in action. Graphite scanned in and rendered
watering the plant screenshot
Watering the plant of life!
Pearl and Peen meet turtles
Meeting the visitors!


numbers and words screenshot
A number rhyme – children can recite while doing arm actions in the direction of writing the numbers before they use pencils
tavern sm
Mars Lumograph Black pencils used for a mono original


dog and girl flat
Someone will cop it for this!
men in garden screenshot
Finding tiny people in the garden!


caped boy portfolio
Caped boy in watercolour
journey boy mono
It was a long journey and further still to go
girl and bird
Sharing something!
boy and mum
Wanting something from Mum!
IG girl in tree
A quiet place to read
breaking up
Breaking up day with the little ones


Pen: ringing friends
Pen: fireside sharing


Pen: saying goodbye
Pen: Up, up and up


Biro/ballpoint series: swinging high
biro finals
Biro/ballpoint series: sport
scanned pencil - toddler footie
Biro/ballpoint series: football twins


rhino sample 2
Spread 7-8 from short picture book ‘There’s a rhinoceros in my garden’
leggy screenshot final
Leggy’s Wild Night story
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 19.50.08
Splat – new illustration for my out-of-print book
Screenshot p26-27 new
Splat – new illustration for my out-of-print book
kitchen sink container slide
Under the sink
Row Row Row Your Boat
Row, row, row your boat
Shrub Farm story 8-9
Shrub Farm book p8-9
Shrub farm story 10-11
Shrub Farm book p10-11
forest tortoise peace
Forest tortoise

One Comment

  1. These illustrations do exactly what they are designed for. You have a vivid imagination Ellie.


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