Editorial illustration

not enough both as pair
A pair of images about lack of mental health resources and the obesity problem in children
web reliance danger
Reliance on the web/internet brings danger


nerve gas blue
Editorial illustration: suspicions that Russia is behind a nerve gas attack
hybrid map
Original pencil sketches assembled in Photoshop


Family group
What is happening to family life?
childrens mental health
Mental health issues – graphite and digital
prescription drugs addiction
Hand-drawn, digitally rendered: young people addicted to prescription drugs
thinking creatively
Diverse and focused thinking both work in creativity!
snowmen thru the ages
Snowmen – past, present and future
joined up conducting white edge
Police, criminal justice, CAMHS and GPs need to be coordinating their info to serve the child best
joined up working notice
Professionals around a child are not sharing information as much as they could
autumn as a brand
Autumn used to be leaves, bonfires and fireworks. It’s now become a brand that continues to Christmas!
Universal Credit AOI
The rollout of Universal Credit in the UK is being opposed for causing distress
car windscreen
The decline in insect population as noticed on our windscreens



Phobias exposure therapy
Exposure therapy
health activities
digital sketchbook – healthy activities
ladies shoes history screenshot
Favouring the female foot – ladies shoes through the ages
African mask screenshot
Mask-making is in decline in Africa
Self-initiated images for the NHS wellbeing CLANG advice
Spot illustrations for recipes on Mexico’s Day of the Dead
Brave women who travel alone
Celebrating the anniversary of Leeuwenhoek’s birth – the father of microbiology
A selection of fruit and veg
E Patrick langoustine 2
Illustration for piece on Northumberland
airship version 2
Illustration for article on transporting unusual loads by airship
Pizzas Italy assembled
For an article on the pizza history and culture of Italy – three spot illustrations


large chicken pic
Keeping chickens from winter boredom

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  1. I’m really captivated by these illustrations Ellie, they really are eye catching.

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