These designs are available to license or buy outright. Do please contact me at if you wish to discuss options.

You can find more of my work on Instagram. The latest feed is at the bottom.

bird garden layout

wild garden collection square

Garden vistors collection

6 more wallpapers samples
6 wallpapers collection

gouache garden greenfern tongue sample

strutting birds

leafy leaves samples

peacock eye sample

peacock lace sample

tropical territory

tropical sunset

Fern exotic ditsy sample


spindle flowersgouache garden

autumn coord samples

star clown sample copy

little hearts sample

seeds and fur sample

orange greenery sample

seaside day sample

seahorse life samplessport action samples

jungle jewels

random runs samplesjigsaw duo samplefleur-de-Lizziecitrus signsretro horizons

greenhouse wall samplessummer night samples


ice cream summer

summer celebration


inky summer sample

floral round samplesbulb samples


glassware sample sheet

floral mayhem samplesIG vintage insects samples

Pastel Garden fabric samples

Japanese kitchen samplescut trunks samplestall trunks samples



april garden samples

music makerschristmas tile wrap on blackspiced honey and borderfalling leaves blue versionbright flowers samplepansy trellis














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